Interior Landscaping

Interior Landscaping

Barton Grange Landscapes has been carrying out Interior Landscaping for over 30 years.

Our own local, fully-trained and experienced plant technicians supply and maintain plants throughout the north west of England.

We can create the perfect display for your workplace, making it a more attractive and healthier place to be. We can provide expert advice on the choice of plants for you taking into account the size of the space, light levels and general décor. The correct choice is crucial and we have a wealth of plant knowledge to ensure we get it right first time.

Plants can be supplied on an outright sale or contract hire basis (12 month minimum term) and maintenance can be included on either basis. Our maintenance service includes watering, feeding, cleaning and pest control (organic methods).

Planters / Containers

We have a fabulous range of traditional and contemporary containers to co-ordinate with your décor. Select from metal, wood, ceramic or versatile glass fibre which can be made to look like other natural materials (even marble!) to give an up-market look at a lower cost.

Tall shapes of geometric designs are currently popular. The newest curvy shapes are exciting and create stunning features when used singly or to interlock to form dividing walls.

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Artificial Plants

In darker areas artificial plants are an ideal choice and these can be provided on an outright sale or contract hire basis (12 month minimum term). Artificial flower displays can also be created for reception areas etc. and these can be changed to follows the seasons.

We have a diverse range of clients including:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Care Homes
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Public Houses
  • Car Showrooms
  • Solicitors
  • Private Businesses/Offices


We welcome all enquiries and look forward to working with you in the near future. Our experience is your guarantee!

Hanging Baskets & Seasonal Containers

Barton Grange Landscapes has been creating amazing hanging baskets and seasonal containers for our north west clients for over 30 years.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience you can be sure of a plant display that will be the envy of your neighbours and will give your building or outside area an extra special look!

We can supply and install individually designed summer and winter hanging baskets of all shapes and sizes to meet any requirement or colour scheme.

groundsmaintenancesixteen          summer hanging containers

We can supply and install seasonal tubs and containers full of colour and blooms or provide a permanent outdoor display to make an entranceway, walkway or feature more attractive and welcoming.

We can supply wall or fence mounted tubs and planters to transform bland outdoor areas into something unique, vibrant and colourful.

Where appropriate we can install an automatic watering system to save you the inconvenience of hand-watering. Containers with a built-in reservoir system can also help with maintenance. Alternatively, our trained technicians are always available to maintain the plant displays for you to keep them looking in pristine condition!

We welcome all enquiries and look forward to working with you in the near future. Our experience is your guarantee!

Special Events

Barton Grange Landscapes can offer short-term hire of plants for special events.

These can be used to:

  • Provide added colour and decoration to an event
  • Line a route
  • Hide awkward places
  • Decorate a stage area
  • Provide an attractive living background



dressing the stage for an event in King Georges Hall Blackburn          interiornine

Cut Flowers / Bouquets

We can supply colourful flowering plants or cut flower displays.

These can be best displayed to brighten a reception area, decorate a function room or stage area.

We can also supply beautiful bouquets and table decorations, in most colours, for functions such as birthday parties, weddings or presentation evenings.

interiorthirtynine          interiorfortynine

Promotional Flowers / Plants

Promotional bunches of flowers (i.e. roses) can be wrapped to present your guests at special events. Small plants can also be individually wrapped for presentation purposes.

pedastal arrangement for an event          interiorfiftytwo          interiorthirtytwo

We welcome all enquiries and look forward to working with you in the near future. Our experience is your guarantee!

The Benefits of Plants

The Benefits of Plants

As well as purifying the air we breathe interior plants have been proven to have many other beneficial effects to our lives.

Air Quality:


  • Release of oxygen into the air which leads to increased concentration and productivity
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide from the air leading to improved health
  • Control of humidity to optimum range for human health
  • Reduction of certain air pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reduction of airborne dust levels

Background Noise Levels:

Plants have long been used to reduce noise levels from busy roads. More recently, research has shown another benefit, and that is interior plants can actually help to reduce background noise levels inside buildings!

Studies indicate that plants and their leaves absorb, diffract or reflect background noise, thereby making the environment more comfortable for the occupants or staff.

Plants help to absorb sound best in acoustically loud places, such as those with hard floor surfaces. Certain plants are also particularly good at absorbing high frequencies from electrical equipment.

Sick Building Syndrome:

Polluted indoor air, contaminated by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are a major cause of headaches, nausea, sore & itchy eyes, loss of concentration and other “sick building” symptoms.

The simple addition of interior plants is a natural way to help significantly reduce these pollutants.

General Wellbeing:

  • Plants can make a building look more attractive
  • Interior plants can help prevent and deter illness
  • Faster recovery from tiredness and fatigue due to increased oxygen levels
  • Interior plants can provide a “feel-good” environment for staff
  • Interior plants can lead to reduced absenteeism

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