Ribbon Park

Venue: Trafford Wharf

Location: Manchester

The project involved the creation of a new landscaped area alongside the waterway at Trafford Wharf, opposite the new BBC Media City.

Due to the restriction on the weight of plant and vehicles that could be used on the Victorian wharf the materials had to be brought onto the site in smaller than usual quantities. This was particularly difficult when bringing in the 2 tonne concrete sections used to form the retaining walls and the large quantities of subsoil subsequently required to fill them.

This was achieved by working closely with our client, Trafford Council, who made areas available for storing and re-handling the materials, most of which had to be transported 600m along the main road.

Works included site clearance, tarmac surfacing, drainage, construction of retaining walls, importing topsoil, installation of new play equipment and street furniture.

The project was completed with extensive turfing and tree/shrub planting.




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