Crown Place Phases 1 & 2

Venue: University of Liverpool - Crown Place

Location: Liverpool

The project involved high quality landscaping to a new accommodation area within the University of Liverpool.

Phase 1
The University were building three blocks of student accommodation at the city centre campus. This included top quality landscaping in courtyards and around the perimeter.

The major challenge was working around the builders, who did not complete their works until the final days before the students moved in. By working closely and flexibly with the project managers, ULCCO, and with detailed planning we also completed our work on time. This included many instances of repairing damage to our work that the builders had done!

All soft landscape areas had to be excavated to 450mm to remove contaminated material before importing topsoil. Access was very limited by the nature of the site and the number of other tradesmen working in close proximity.

Semi mature trees, instant 1.5m hedging, 5 litre herbaceous plants and a high quality turf gave the project an instant impact for the incoming students.


Phase 2
Following the success of Phase 1 we were invited to negotiate a deal for Phase 2 which was a large area of public open space between the new accommodation and the teaching areas.

The management and attention to detail of this phase was critical due to the need to maintain student access through and around the site and also because there were severe weight restrictions in place due to the site being above the railway tunnel.

The high quality scheme, designed by Ares Landscape Architects, included semi mature trees that not only required tree cells but were also over the railway and in close proximity to electric and gas supplies so depth and width of excavation was limited. This meant the cells had to be laid in a long, narrow formation to achieve the correct volumes of soil.

The Phase 1 theme was repeated with instant hedging, green screens, large shrubs and herbaceous plants, interplanted with bulbs to provide a marvellous area for the students and general public.

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