Birkacre Park

Venue: Eaves Green Homezone

Location: Chorley

We were appointed by The Homes and Communities Agency as the Principal Contractor for this project, which was for the creation of green spaces associated with a large housing development by Miller Homes Ltd.

Works comprised the creation of a village green and new woodland area with footpaths.

The village green was to be formed on a sloping piece of land close to the housing with an existing Beech tree in the middle of it. The tree was close to the proposed pond so a main consideration was protecting the tree from damage during the construction of the pond.

The excavation of the pond and creation of the undulating mounding had to be precise due to the detailed design and the many features that were to be included in the scheme.

Programming the order in which each element of work was to be carried out was critical on this cramped site with so many features to fit in, such as the installation of the posts for the decking through the butyl liner, placing the rocks between the retained tree and the pond, the timing of building retaining walls and installing tarmac footpaths with a tar spray and chip finish, placing the many stone features and building the timber pagoda.

The area was completed with semi mature trees and hard wearing turf in preparation for the families moving into the new homes.

On the other side of the housing development we were to install footpaths into a green field site, erect rustic timber fencing and gates and create new woodlands with heavy standard and feathered trees.

The contract included a 3-year maintenance programme which was subsequently extended.




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